A GIF of Milky Way Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom using her skill. She's driving a train and smiling.
An 88x31 button that says 'run by a queer person'. An 88x31 button that says 'best viewed with both eyes.' An 88x31 button that says 'made in MsPaint.' An 88x31 button that says 'made with my own two paws'.
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A pastel pixel art version of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. A pastel pixel art version of the Magician tarot card.

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Like deer, a female rabbit is called a 'doe' and a male rabbit is called a 'buck'

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A small pixel icon of a crescent moon with stars around it. Pixel art of a long pastel rainbow with two smaller rainbows next to it. Pixel art of a long pastel rainbow with two smaller rainbows next to it. A small icon of a crescent moon with stars around it.
HELLO! my name is allister and i learned basic HTML on the same day i created this website, 6/1/2023! (the first day of pride month!)
i don't know much about coding, but i love internet preservation and archaeology!
this will probably turn into my little personal coding project as i learn more about HTML and CSS! for now though, i have a few things set up! you can click on the zodiacs in the navigation box on the left to read more about me, OR you can check my sitemap! :3c
i have a pretty wide variety of interests, like:

  • elsword
  • minecraft
  • bungou to alchemist
  • genshin impact
  • needy streamer overload
  • pokemon (mostly gens 1-6 tbh)
  • monark
  • the caligula effect (series)
  • spore
  • toontown rewritten
  • project sekai
  • touken ranbu
  • mystic messenger
  • puyo puyo
  • undertale/deltarune
  • dungeons and dragons
  • cookie run
  • five nights at freddy's
  • nu carnival
  • degrees of lewdity
  • night on the galactic railroad
  • steven universe
  • given
  • kemono friends
  • interspecies reviewers
  • ouran high school host club
  • sarazanmai
  • gurren lagann
  • isekai shikakku/no longer allowed in another world
  • padak/swimming to sea (fuck this movie)
  • howl's moving castle
  • the case files of jeweler richard
  • warrior cats
  • milgram project (the deco one not the irl one)
  • vocaloid
    • pinocchio-p
    • masa works design
    • deco*27
    • ghost and pals
    • omoi
    • neru
    • nilfruits
    • mothy/evillious chronicles
  • ARGS/unfiction
    • chainmailchasers
    • sexygirlmax2019
    • the mandela catalogue
    • catastrophe crow/crow64
  • old shock sites + internet mysteries
  • kandi
  • homestuck

here's my site buttons! (both made by my friend mizuki)

A pixel animation of a train with hearts in its cargo boxes.

What Is Your Level Of Sanity? Who Is Your Host Type? What Eevee Evolution Are You? What's Your Personality Quirk? What Member Of The Team Are You?

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this is misfit, living with me on the milky way train!
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